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Want to donate? But have no money? Read this!

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First off this isn't a scam, I am posting my referral link, but if you don't want to use, then go ahead and just go to swagbucks.com or install the app on your phone.

This is my personal experience with swagbucks and I am not sponsored with them, I just have been abusing their system for a few months to make hundreds of dollars.

In this guide I will go over the offers that I feel is the easiest and most doable ones complete in a reasonable amount of time.

First you want to sign up either by going to the website, installing the application via app store appropriate to your device, or clicking this link https://www.swagbucks.com/profile/r_96964537 Once again if you don't want to use my referral link because you might think I am only in it for myself, then just do one of the other methods.

Go ahead and complete profile setup, and verify your account with your phone number. Next you want to head over to discover and browse through any of the offers you may like, there are also surveys and shopping, but for this guide I am focusing mainly on mobile games as I feel some of the offers are super easy to complete and not bad of games to play.

The first game and offer I believe you should do. Is pop slots - get to level 35, and earn 2500 swag bucks (approximately 25-30$ depending on how you redeem your gift cards). The reason why I believe this is the easiest to do (I've done it in as little as 5-6 hours) is pop slots has a fan website that uploads all the links promoting where you get free chips for the game. That website is Pop-the-slots.com and you can usually get 25-30 million chips right off the bat  + your starting 10 million, putting you way ahead. You want to pace yourself in this game to complete the offer in a decent amount of time, as going all in may just leave you stuck for chips that you will need to level.

The next game is Coin Master, clear the 9th stage - earn 2000 swag bucks. I am putting this second because like pop slots, and using the same website, pop-the-slots.com they have a coin master section that gives free spins and coins that will help you progress, but for this game the real trick is getting card collections completed for 100+ spins and doing the events where they give up to like 10000 spins. It took me about 3 days to complete this offer.

Now the next offers I will explain are a bit harder as they don't have outside promotional free chips/spins/etc. Or they cost money to do, but for that reason, you can use the money you earn from the previous offers to pay for these ones and get paid out big! The first one I have done is skillz, and for depositing as little as $2-$5 maybe $10, you can earn 4000 swag bucks, which is at minimum redemption value $40! There are a bunch of other ones you can find on discover that are like this, spend $10 maximum, and get $20, $30, or even $40 pay outs. 

Back to other free offers that I am currently in the process of testing myself, the first would be Club Vegas level to 75, earn 4500 swagbucks. Yes you can get $45 maybe even $50 depending on redemptions for playing a slot game. There isn't any special website for free chips, but there is a lot of promotional in-app goodies you can claim daily, but because it is level 75 expect to be playing for a few days - week to complete this offer.

Lastly the game I am experimenting with is RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS, and I've seen this offer 100s of time their and never thought I would do it. But found out recently you can play on computer and it isn't a bad side game to grind while playing Atlantis 🙂 either way 3500 swagbucks for level 43 seems reasonable and I thought I would give it a shot.
I have mentioned redemptions quite a bit, and how you cash out your rewards is obviously through them. But for some reason they do discounts on some redemptions like the first time you redeem a gift card you can get a $25 visa for 2175 (approx. $22 worth). I have only ever cashed out through visa gift cards, and they take 2-3 days to come through in my email. But other options exist, such as PayPal cash out, and maybe hundreds of other types of gift cards, but I can confirm that using the visa gift cards work with PayPal meaning you can donate to the server 😄

Now in the beginning I mentioned I was abusing this method, and here's how, after you complete all the easiest offers, if you reset your device, sign up with a new email, and verify with a new phone number, you can do this method all over again! That means about every month or two, you can easily make a free $100. 

And that's it, I will leave a screen shot of why my account says I have only earned a dollar or two, its because the other offers I have completed this time are pending, but this is my 3rd or 4th time doing it, and even just doing it once is some extra money in your pocket so good luck 😄



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