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Welcome to Atlantis community.

This is a guide for new players to follow which i hope can help you out on your adventure, in this guide i will explain:

> Home
-> Training Zone
-> Slayer
-> Afk Content
-> Achievements


So once you start Atlantis, make sure to follow the full tutorial to know valuable information on how to progress.
When you create an account, this will pop up:


Game modes:

- You can create an normal account or ironman account;
- Normal account account you can choose between:
 -> Easy: Provides Exp.Rate - x500;
 -> Intermediate: Provides Exp. Rate - x100 plus 5% Drop Bonus;
 -> Hard: Provides Exp. Rate - x10 plus 25% Drop Bonus;

How to start:

When you have made your account you should start type ::forum and click on vote. All the drops you get from training zone you can sell to Shop Assistant.
Begin game by choosing range or mage;
Melee will be used for end game;

Training zone:


-> Start at Training zone till you get Vortex items;
-> Then move tier per tier till reach T4, while farming this zones you can try to upgrade your gear at ::home;


-> In order to get a slayer task, you talk with Kuradel at home;


-> Slayer is a good way to make money and get upgrades here in Atlantis;

-> Here is slayer shop:


-> I would save points for DeathTouch Dart or Black Bow Tier8;

Afk Content:

-> You able to craft Tier6 Bow and Staff by doing Skilling!!

How it works?


-> This 4 trees are located at ::home!
-> How you craft Tier6 weapons? Just cut 1k Logs of each tree;
-> After you have 1k logs of ea tree, you can craft Tier6 Bow or Staff;


To craft Tier6 Weapon:

-> The rocks are located next to tree;


-> This 4 rocks are located at ::home!
-> How you craft Tier6 weapons? Just mine 1k of each rock;
-> After you have 1k of each rock, you can craft Tier6 Sword;





-> By doing achievements ingame, you can also get a good amount of rewards that will help you throw this journey at Atlantis!
-> This is also a good way to get cash!

Note: Guide will be updated when i come up on more content to add.




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Great guide! I’m sure lots of players will check this out in an hour :P, love the added visuals and text colors. 

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