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  1. Starter Invention Guide Table of Contents 1. Starting Out 2. Upgrade chest 3. More Coming soon! 4. 5. Starting Out Starting out invention will be as easy as 1 , 2, 3.. and 4 and 5. Along with invention you can also Level up your slayer and get slayer points for a Tier 8 bow (black bow) for 1500 slayer points. Your First assignment should be tier 1-2 (which I recommend to stay with as long as possible) which you can load upon all armor from each tier 1-2 monster. I recommend dissolving all extra pets and weapons you get as drops along the way for creative dust for when you're ready to start upgrading. Upgrade chest After you have a bunch of creative dust and tier 1-2 armor saved up you can go to the upgrade chest at home to start upgrading. When you open the chest you will want to click on the tab that says Tiers 1-5. Starting Invention after slayer you should have Tiers 1-2 armor ready to upgrade along with your creative dust. Your tier 2 upgrade item is what you will need to click on. Make sure you have the required amount of creative dust in your inventory from dissolving weapons / pets in your inventory along with item you are wanting to upgrade. When upgrading tiers 1-5 you will always have a 100% at upgrading that piece. More Coming Soon!
  2. LOVE the updates this patch! keep up the great work!
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