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    Hello, Atlantis community. I'm Jon. 24. USA/EST. I've been playing Private Servers for about 11 years, I'd say. I enjoy playing other games as in: League of Legends, GTA 5 Online, OverWatch, Clash of Clans, AFK Arena, (I'll get flamed for this but,) Fortnite. I'm pretty chill as well, if you need any assistance or just want to have a chat, feel free to PM me. I enjoy other things rather than gaming, I've watched a ton of Netflix as well. I enjoy chatting about TV shows or movies. I'm a huge horror fan, and I enjoy zombie movies/TV shows the most. I hope to meet all of you in Atlantis, and enjoy your stay here. P.S. Sorry if this isn't a lot of information, I'm just zoned out and can't focus. P.S.S. This took me at least 30 minutes to think of what to say.
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