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  1. Harambe: Mass boss that spawns every 30 minutes Cannot be attacked with melee when he is in the cage Bane set: (Tier 17) Travelling Merchant: Personal shop with limited supply that stocks with new items every 24 hours! Potential Items: First three slots: slayer egg(50-300 slayer points possible) - 500b pvm egg (10-500 pvm tickets possible) - 500b creative rock(rock you crack open for 100-10000 possible creative dust) - 800b xp lamp - 50b mega xp lamp - 500b bonecrusher - 2t God Att Pot - 100b God Str Pot - 100b God Def Pot - 100b God Range Pot - 100b God Mage Pot - 100b Radiation Potion - 500b Mystery Box - 250b Super Mystery Box - 750b Scratch Card - 500b Row - 500b Last two slots: donator coins - 500b keys - 250 golden keys - 2.5t deathtouch darts - 500b vote package(1-10 votes possible) - 1t Grand Box - 2.5t radiation crystals - 1b ea Bug fixes: Changed to 5% minimum damage required to get loot from mass bosses Radiation pot now drinks one instead of the whole stack Added a x50 Casket keys drop to Mimic Removed save input option from the client The refresh button now works on Player owned shops interface Recent listings now appear on the top of the list Added a summoning obelisk to the skilling area Teleporting to the summoning teleport now teleports to the obelisk You can no longer get a slayer task you don't have the requirement completed for changed the construction achievement Killing mass bosses will now only increase killcount by one Hope devourer will no longer hit a player twice Tormented demons can no longer be attacked by melee Reduced the hitpoints for Necrolord Mass bosses now drop pvm tickets Changed a typo in the player owned shops interface Infernal demon will now only spawn his minions once throughout the fight Added a special attack to the Lava spear
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