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  1. Player Owned Stores Can be accessed using the Pos table at home Drop Rate Improvements: All mass bosses drops have been nerfed. Drops are now more common from certain mass bosses that had hard rates Drop Rate Box: Only obtainable through donating Lucky set: (No stats with 5% DR on each peice) Ornament set: (Combine Goldenbone and lucky piece) Tier 16 armour with 5% dr per piece Hotfixes: (Some were updated while the server was live) Added a ::daily command Fixed mages staff (3) not autocasting It now costs 500 of each log to create a Dream bow or staff It now costs 500 of each ore to create a Dream warhammer Buffed invention xp for intermediate and hard exp modes Fixed an issue with disassembling potions Fixed an issue with watering cans Invention will now correctly level up past level 99 Buffed Black bow (8) stats Hulk spawn rate has been increased to one hour Hulk now drops 25k radiation crystals distributed through all killers Deathtouch darts no longer work on hulk Deathtouch darts no longer work on the vote boss Lowered Vorago's maxhit Buffed frost dragons Stone god no longer does multiple hits Gemstone god no longer does multiple hits Automatic backup logs will now be made every 15minutes Achieving 120 invention now announced correctly Nerfed Hulk's maxhit Frost dragons are no longer aggressive Grand box loot now announces Hope devourer no longer hits twice In-game drops will now announce in the #drops discord channel Buffed Radiation potions
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