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    • Harambe: Mass boss that spawns every 30 minutes Cannot be attacked with melee when he is in the cage   Bane set: (Tier 17)   Travelling Merchant: Personal shop with limited supply that stocks with new items every 24 hours! Potential Items: First three slots: slayer egg(50-300 slayer points possible)  - 500b pvm egg (10-500 pvm tickets possible) - 500b creative rock(rock you crack open for 100-10000 possible creative dust) - 800b xp lamp - 50b mega xp lamp - 500b bonecrusher - 2t God Att Pot - 100b God Str Pot - 100b God Def Pot - 100b God Range Pot - 100b God Mage Pot - 100b Radiation Potion - 500b Mystery Box - 250b Super Mystery Box - 750b Scratch Card - 500b Row - 500b Last two slots: donator coins - 500b keys - 250 golden keys - 2.5t deathtouch darts - 500b vote package(1-10 votes possible) - 1t Grand Box - 2.5t radiation crystals - 1b ea   Bug fixes: Changed to 5% minimum damage required to get loot from mass bosses Radiation pot now drinks one instead of the whole stack Added a x50 Casket keys drop to Mimic Removed save input option from the client The refresh button now works on Player owned shops interface Recent listings now appear on the top of the list Added a summoning obelisk to the skilling area Teleporting to the summoning teleport now teleports to the obelisk You can no longer get a slayer task you don't have the requirement completed for changed the construction achievement Killing mass bosses will now only increase killcount by one Hope devourer will no longer hit a player twice Tormented demons can no longer be attacked by melee Reduced the hitpoints for Necrolord Mass bosses now drop pvm tickets Changed a typo in the player owned shops interface Infernal demon will now only spawn his minions once throughout the fight Added a special attack to the Lava spear
    • Love the updates, thank you for all the hard work! We appreciate it :)
    • Starter Invention Guide Table of Contents 1.  Starting Out 2. Upgrade chest 3. More Coming soon! 4. 5.   Starting Out Starting out invention will be as easy as 1 , 2, 3.. and 4 and 5. Along with invention you can also Level up your slayer and get slayer points for a Tier 8 bow (black bow) for 1500 slayer points. Your First assignment should be tier 1-2 (which I recommend to stay with as long as possible) which you can load upon all armor from each tier 1-2 monster. I recommend dissolving all extra pets and weapons you get as drops along the way for creative dust for when you're ready to start upgrading.   Upgrade chest After you have a bunch of creative dust and tier 1-2 armor saved up you can go to the upgrade chest at home to start upgrading.   When you open the chest you will want to click on the tab that says Tiers 1-5. Starting Invention after slayer you should have Tiers 1-2 armor ready to upgrade along with your creative dust. Your tier 2 upgrade item is what you will  need to click on. Make sure you have the required amount of creative dust in your inventory from dissolving weapons / pets in your inventory along with item you are wanting to upgrade. When upgrading tiers 1-5 you will always have a 100% at upgrading that piece.   More Coming Soon!        
    • LOVE the updates this patch! keep up the great work!
    • Player Owned Stores Can be accessed using the Pos table at home   Drop Rate Improvements: All mass bosses drops have been nerfed. Drops are now more common from certain mass bosses that had hard rates   Drop Rate Box: Only obtainable through donating   Lucky set: (No stats with 5% DR on each peice)   Ornament set: (Combine Goldenbone and lucky piece) Tier 16 armour with 5% dr per piece   Hotfixes: (Some were updated while the server was live) Added a ::daily command Fixed mages staff (3) not autocasting It now costs 500 of each log to create a Dream bow or staff It now costs 500 of each ore to create a Dream warhammer Buffed invention xp for intermediate and hard exp modes Fixed an issue with disassembling potions Fixed an issue with watering cans Invention will now correctly level up past level 99 Buffed Black bow (8) stats Hulk spawn rate has been increased to one hour Hulk now drops 25k radiation crystals distributed through all killers Deathtouch darts no longer work on hulk Deathtouch darts no longer work on the vote boss Lowered Vorago's maxhit Buffed frost dragons Stone god no longer does multiple hits Gemstone god no longer does multiple hits Automatic backup logs will now be made every 15minutes Achieving 120 invention now announced correctly Nerfed Hulk's maxhit Frost dragons are no longer aggressive Grand box loot now announces Hope devourer no longer hits twice In-game drops will now announce in the #drops discord channel Buffed Radiation potions
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